AP Visit Games http://www.apvisit.com/games Newest Games 8 Ball http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=200 Pot all the 8balls has soon as you can! 3D Golf Lite http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=199 A great 3D golf adventure Apple Farm http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=198 Catch the falling apples and put it in the basket. Ant Tracks http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=197 Save your colony by guiding your ants and their booty to the correct tree stores. Angry Faic http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=196 Use the arrow keys to control Angry Faic land on other emoticons and score combos. Angel Killer http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=195 Kill all angels by catching the amulet. Anchorball http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=194 Swing your anchor at the ball to keep the ball in the air. Amida http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=192 Try to avoid spider, try to get right way, have a fun... INSTRUCTIONS: Use your left mouse button to play this game. Alpha Attack http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=191 Kill enemies by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboard. Acid Labyrinth http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=190 Get the sphere from one end to another without getting caught. Adam and Eve http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=189 Guide Adam through the maze and help him reach Eve on the other end. Alphabet Hunter http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=188 Simply click all the letters of the alphabet in order. Accumulate http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=187 Catch the green balls and avoid the red ones. 981 http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=186 Connect the various pieces of pipe and extinguish the fire. 8 up http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=185 Try to check out and find where is the chicken. INSTRUCTIONS: Use your left mouse button to click. 43 Seconds http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=184 You have 43 Seconds to complete a lot of levels. See how fast you are. 2 Many Bugs http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=183 Use the mouse to draw lines around the same coloured bugs to capture them. 12 Pixel Heroes http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=182 Try to identify all twenty one pixelated superheroes. INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse to contol the game. Zelda http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=181 Flash version of the very popular game Zelda. Year of the Snake http://www.apvisit.com/games/index.php?task=view&id=180 Fight the hordes of monsters that are attacking your village. You got to fight back.